Shengtujx has been committed create cases equipment since 1998. It also produces equipment for supporting case-making machines. They also have an international support technical team for their customers so that they can help them with machine settlement after shipping. They provide high-quality case-making machines, board stillers, gift boxes, etc.

This automatic case maker manufacturer has customized products and services for clients to make budget-friendly packaging. They have different types of machines for packaging and case-making equipment to help customers with different sizes, shapes, etc.

There are different machine types like ST036XL automatic case-making machine, ST036B R.Z extended Automatic Case Maker, and Automatic Case Maker (ST036B).

Case-making device ST036XL Automatic

ST036XL Making Cases Automatically is used for making outside hard cases like cosmetic boxes, cigarette boxes, electronic boxes, etc. Its stable speed Is 1800-1500 pcs/h. The ST036XL multifunctional automatic case-making machine is used for different purposes like making the outside box, and for making the collapsible box as well. It is also used for making luxury collapsible boxes.

Equipment Features

  • Multifunctional Glue System

It is used for making cover glue of different thicknesses thin and thick. It produces high-quality cases and saves production costs.

  • Brush Folding Device

A brush folding device is used to confirm that the folding is made tight and suitable for more different materials.

  • Side Wing Board Feeding Device

It is used for different speeds to ensure stability for thin boards. It is specifically used for thin boards. It helps in enlarging the application range.

  • Two Board Feeding Platforms

It is used for making collapsible boxes. It changes the unit from Normal to a box cover so the machine can make collapsible boxes easily. It helps in saving time.

ST036B R.Z Extended Automatic Case Maker

Making Cases Automatically, Model ST036B, R.Z. are used for making hardcovers like geometry boxes, hardcover books, and stationery items. Its stable speed is 1800-1500 pcs/h. The STR036B R.Z long automatic machine is multifunctional as it is not used for only making straight corner boxes but also for round corner boxes.

Equipment Features

  • Cover Feeding Device

It is used for making gold and silver sheets that are used for packing sweet boxes etc. It can also produce PU, binding cloth, and PP to fulfill different demands and requirements. It also consists of a Cam position that makes the machine stable.

  • Multifunctional Glue System

It is used for making glue covers of different thicknesses so that it can save costs and improve the quality of the case.

  • Soft Spine Device

A soft spine device is used for making round corners for hardcover books and notebooks.

ST036B Automatic Case-Making Machines

ST036B Making Cases Automatically is used for making hard cases. If the position of the mechanical system for driving the car is accurate, the machine is stable. It can make round corners as well as straight shapes such as arcs, triangles, etc. It will give maximum profit to the customers.

Equipment Features

  • Cam Position

Cam position is used to improve stability and position. Cover-feeding devices can produce gold and silver paper sheets for packaging.

  • Separated Glue Melting Device

Separated glue melting devices improve the flow of the glue and improve the case quality. A Multi-functional glue system is used for making glue covers of different thicknesses, so it can improve the quality.

  • Multi-Functional Border Feeder Device

A multifunctional border feeder device is used for the production of different thickness that ranges from 1-5 mm board and separated panels, which help in enlarging the product range.

Ending Thoughts

Automatic case machines are used for making cases and packages for gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. The case-making machines are of different types that work differently.ST036XL making cases automatically is used for making boxes for the outer cover and is also used for making collapsible boxes.

ST036B R.Z Extended Automatic Case Maker are used for making boxes with square corners as well as round corners. This machine plays an important role in case production.


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