If you are living in a place where you experience harsh winters then using the giraffetools pressure washer can become quite hard for you. You will have to prepare your giraffetools pressure washer for hibernation if you want it to function properly. You can keep or store your giraffetools pressure washer in your basement but this is not a whole solution. There are different factors that you should consider to winterize your giraffetools pressure washer. You can also ask for winterizing tips from where you shop your giraffetools pressure washer. However, if you couldn’t ask any expert then this blog is a great help for you.

Protection Of Giraffetools Pressure Washer’s Engine

You may also look for expensive ways to protect your engine so that you don’t end up damaging your giraffetools pressure washer. Once the temperature of your area starts dropping, you need to take special care of your equipment. The whole functioning of your giraffetools pressure washer depends upon the engine. If it stops working properly then you cannot wash your desired area through giraffetools pressure washer. You can make use of a fuel stabilizer if you have bought a gas-powered giraffetools pressure washer.

No matter what kind of your engine, you need to protect it, if it is being stored for a longer timespan. A fuel stabilizer can protect your engine by reducing the risks of corrosion and rust in your giraffetools pressure washer.If you properly store your giraffetools pressure washer, it will save you a lot of time and energy in springtime. If you still need any help with the protection of the engine, you can ask some experts.

Drain And Flush Your Giraffetools Pressure Washers

You have to check if you have drained and flushed the cleaning solution from the detergent container. You can follow some simple instructions to flush and drain your giraffetools pressure washer :

  1. You have to check the instructions given in the user manual as well as the warnings to protect your system. There are always some major warnings given in the manual to protect your machine from getting damaged.
  2. Switch on the water supply source after connecting the hose.
  3. You have to allow the system to run with soap that will emit the leftovers of detergents in the container.
  4. Switch of the water supply and engine. Now you have to aim the spray gun towards a safe location to release the trapped pressure.
  5. Let the machine cool down and then disconnect the spray gun and pressure outlet. You can use a piece of cloth to clean the hose.

Take Care Of Pump System Of Giraffetools Pressure Washers

Once you are done with cleaning the engine, the next most important component is the pump of your giraffetools pressure washer. You can make use of lubricants to protect the pump system against high freezing conditions. There are some warnings as well as readings given on the pump saver.

  1. You have to connect the water inlet adapter to a three feet long gardening hose.
  2. Now you have to fill the antifreeze into the hose.
  3. Make sure that the engine is switched off, you have to pull the handle of recoil twice, and then you have to disconnect the hose.

Store Your Giraffetools Pressure Washers Properly

After you are done with the anti-freezing process, now you have to properly store the giraffetools pressure washer. Before storage, make sure that you have cleaned any kind of dirt or soil from the exterior of your giraffetools pressure washer.


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