Universal Bus Series, popularly known as USB is a niche area of connectors found on virtually every electronic device. The earliest known model was the USB Type-A connector which has now been replaced with the USB Type-C model, the standard connector of now. It is a 24-pin two-faced connector that can facilitate novel USB protocols. UGREEN’s USB Type-C cables and universal cable are ingenious, modern and the epitome of perfection.

This blog will go through UGREEN’s USB C consumer devices in further detail and demonstrate why they are the finest devices on the market. You’ll be a knowledgeable purchaser on the subject by the conclusion of this article.

Why UGREEN USB-C Is Perfect For Regular Use

The UGREEN Type C cable is produced in a variety of hues and contrasts to meet all of your necessary assistance while remaining stylish, elegant, and updated in the colour palette world. UGREEN Type C connectors have also always favoured overall effectiveness and longevity. These converter connectors facilitate rapid charging for various and unique digital equipment, ensuring a performance boost of 0 to 50% within 30 min of shoehorning in the power adapter.

Products With Reasonable Price

UGREEN Type C cables allow you to invest in the most recent and convenient technological trends without fear of emptying your wallet. They are inexpensive and come with an unrivalled warranty period. UGREEN products are completely worth investing your money in.

The following part of this article will focus on some of the most sought-after UGREEN Type C cables and their special characteristics.

UGREEN’s USB-C products

Dive right into the wonderful world of top-notch UGREEN products here:

1. 60-Watt Right Angle USB-C to C cable

The latest addition to the ever-growing range of UGREEN’s revolutionary tech products is the 60-Watt Right Angle USB C to C cable. It is compatible with virtually every electronic device like HP, Apple, Dell, and Samsung among others. The right-angled connector ensures that your device doesn’t get damaged easily. It is also the most demanded power charging cable as it can charge your tablet, mobile phone, and laptop in only 15-20 min.

2. 60-Watt USB-C to C Power Delivery Cable

UGREEN’s 60-Watt USB C to C power delivery cable comes with an ingenious and ground-breaking aluminium alloy case with nylon braided cables for extended durability. It is extremely comfortable and easy to use while surfing videos, reading PDFs or e-books, etc. The sleek double-sided connectors also possess a modular design to combat the issues related to repeated unplugging and plugging.

Ugreen Supremacy

UGREEN products consistently outperform other devices in the technological market due to their svelte and flexible design features, as well as their increased longevity and overall performance. A quick and fast and fully accountable customer support team also guarantees that any query from the client is resolved with lightning speed.


UGREEN’s growing industry supremacy in the high-tech- tech marketplace is facilitating potential buyers to purchase their goods. UGREEN’s merchandise is highly recommended, and its new, ground-breaking, quick and convenient creations are revolutionizing the way people use communications technology.


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